neone kno wat a ranch wagon is

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does neone kno wat a ranch wagon is... if so do u like them.. why and why not?

posted by  zwergel13

WTF is a god damn ranch wagon? :cussing:

posted by  240sx

A ranch wagon is a ford station wagon.
My friend has just gotten a wrecked on from a jusnk yard cause it has a 390 and a c6 tranny he wants for his 71 torino.
I am really trying too find some info on the heap and it has the emblems, 2 on the side that say ranch wagon, and one on the tailgate that says custom 500.
Also, on the front bottom of the fenders it has emblems that read 390.
I have the vin # if anybody could tell me what year this thing is.

the vin # 9D71Y137047

posted by  roadkill351

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