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Hi, im about to turn 16 (about 2 weeks) and I want to restore an old car. I dont know anything about classics, but I want to learn. I plan to go into a career in cars, I will start working at a dealership in a couple months, then I want to go to wyotech. So, what kind of car do you think i could get for cheap (<3g) and find parts for without good hookups. I can do most of the work myself (I have resotred a crx, and put together a totaled 95 M3) so I have experience. I dont have anyone to really help with the work (my mom isnt into cars) and cant afford to pay someone to do it. I wont need to drive it either, have an old integra. What do you guys think I should do? Thanks. (BTW... i can paint too)

posted by  Wonderbread7608

Well are'nt you just the sweetest cookie in the jar. Well I'd have to highly advise against anything old school(ie. Mustang,Camaro,Nova,Charger, etc..) These cars tend to be a bitch to sell when the right classic car enthuisiast comes along and bitches about a 1/4rth inch gap in the damn right quarter panel and demands the car loose 3K just for that. *I should have kicked that guys ass and pulled off his curly mustache*

Umm, if you wanna restore something CRX's are nice. Its always pays to restore a slighlty older import thats cheap. People will pay nicley for a Datsun Z. Hell if you can find the money to possible buy a 67 Mustang, 69 Camaro, or 61 Charger go ahead and restore them. It might be kinda hard to get one thats in "decent" enough to where an amatuer can repair it, for under 3K. Wich is why I said you should'nt try to do it but if you can find and you got the balls, patience, and money to do it its all you. They can sometimes go for 40K+ after just putting 20-30K into them. My friends father had a Shelby GT-500 since he was about 16 from his father. Car was restored to an all original condition and was apraised at $120,000. That my be a little out of your league, so look for somethin older importish. Nissan, maybe an older Mazda..

Datsun Z is what I'm thinking. Do a little research on the 280Z Datsun. If its not the 280 its another number I sometimes forget but you'll know what I'm talking about when you research on it.

posted by  DSMer

hey wonderbread.
i'm in your same position, with maybe a thousand more dollars..

not much to work with, but i'm looking for Novas or any great deals on any other muscle cars. previously i've considered Datsuns, Mercedes SE models, and BMW 2002s. Also, i love E30s, whcih are becoming classics.

any of thsoe are good, in my opinion. Dart, Demon, Duster are also good.


posted by  mischa

If your looking to fix up cars to resell for profit, stick with the newer totaled cars. 1997 or newer and with less than 100,000 miles on it. Once you fix the body, and go over it for inspection items, resell it to make your tuition money for college. I'm not against restoring cars, but you should restore a car that you want to own, because you may have it a while if you wind up putting three times the labor and money into it than you think it will take to to put it together.

That's my :2cents:

posted by  comet-63

if i were you i would go with a 67 ford mustang.. i got mine for about 3k its now probly valued at 8k but im not finished with it i still have lots to do. trust me man its so damn hard you have to have money and a job to maintain it. try not to drive it around alot until its fixed. more then likely if u drive it a lot while restoreing it parts will go out. trust me i have been there and done it, i have a 351 cleveland in mine and the interior is almost in mint condition and i need a paint job but i have lotsss! more to do its hard and if u have patients go for it.

posted by  351ci-mustang

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