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I want to know what you guys think of this chevelle that has been sitting at my grandmother's house since my dad sold it to my unforgiving uncle. My uncle bought it from my dad about 20 years ago for $500 and never paid it off, so we are taking it back. I want to know what you guys think of the damage this car has. It was in perfect running condition before it was sold and now it looks like this.

WARNING (very picture heavy, dialup users beware.)



posted by  Ziggy

Hey bro heres your car back


ohhh ummm. wheres the wheels infact wheres the engine is that?? .. :ticking: ummm barb wire in the bonnet? whats the tree branch or plank of wood doing through the hood? wheres the rest of the engine? :laughing:

Thanks for this post damn look at the car... it will all polish out :orglaugh:

If i was your uncle id be running very fast in the opposite direction of your dad!

whoahhh is that :ticking: ....my car! :cussing:


A nice before shot. Thanks for the post :orglaugh: Really liked the pics man :thumbs:

posted by  Lukaz

If I, personally, knew someone that did that to a muscle car I couldn't be responsible for my actions. I would probably hack off their limbs a little at a time with a dull rusty hatchet then pack the wounds full of rock salt and after another couple hours, cut out the tongue, chop up the rest of the body and bury it through out the state...er...I mean...I would scold them for abusing such a car...*whispers* ah yes, scoooooold :evil:

I don't know man, that's just wrong. I don't see how someone could abuse a car like that. But on the positive side of things, it looks like the aftermarket intake could be salvaged as well as maybe the hood. What a waste.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

This is gonna sound kinda loopy :screwy: But in a way its big shame that that car endded up in this condition when compared to if it was look after immaculatly.. :doh: . a cars never to late to restore back to a beauty.. But in this case im not sure if its worth it it would be so much work or maybe just everything :ticking: . No car should be neglacted like this one.. its almost sad :ohcrap: I agree with Tbird if someone done that to my car regardless of if there family or not id go crazy in :cussing: and demand a bit more than :2cents: .

posted by  Lukaz

At firts glance things look bad, but when you really start looking at the pictures alot of the pieces appear to be in good condition, they just need alot of cleaning (sand blaster) and it look like an off the frame restoration at this point. But at least you got it back. Are all the parts there or are you lacking?

posted by  sonny's75

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