found my dream classic car should I buy it.

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I wanted to own such a car for a very long time, found a 1968 mercedes 250 SL convertible , very rare, beautiful, fully restored, look great and run's great, the price is 19,500.00 with shipping. shold I buy It.

posted by  wkhalil

Depends if you want it or not...

posted by  heebee

If its your dream car and youve been wanting it..Hell yeah :thumbs:

posted by  Eclipse_2004

there are only 3 reasons someone wouldnt buy that car:
1.they own one already
2.they dont have enough money
3.they'r REALLY REALLY high

posted by  High Octane

High Octane, you missed one:

4. They might not be gay.

Lets face it: a convertible Merc is hardly the most hairy-chested car in the world, is it? I think they look great, but only if a woman is driving.

posted by  heebee

heebee, you're wrong.

wkhalil: that's an awesome classic. That seems like a good price compared to what i've seen before. Were you only considering a 250SL or were you also considering the 230 and 280SLs as well? The only reason why I would think you would consider the 250 over the other 2 is because it was the model MBZ made the least of. Show it off if you get this one, or when you get it eventually.

posted by  mischa

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