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Hi, Ive been watching American hotrod for a little while but I havent seen the one car I want to see.......The Whattheyhaye!

Does anyone have any pictures of this vehicle?

I have managed to find 1 picture and she looks like a beautiful vehicle which I would love to have replicated to a certain extent!!!!!!!

By the way, Im a bit of a dumbass when it comes to american motors, what does mopar stand for?

posted by  Scott

Mopar is the Chrysler parts division from way back. Sometime in the 1930's to early 1940's Chrysler Corporation looked into consolidating the parts divisions of all their brands -- Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, DeSoto, Imperial etc. -- into one division. Thus the Chrysler Corporation Mopar (MOtor PARts) division was created. Parts used on ANY of the brands came in boxes branded with the Chrysler MOtor PARts logo.

But the nickname got attached to any Chrysler vehicle or part sometime back in the '60s.

posted by  ChrisV

Boyd Coddington is a dickhead!

posted by  snapper69

I must ask, why is he a dickhead?

posted by  CoRPS

Although sometimes amusing to watch I doudt if I would ever think on buying a car from them after watching their assembly of a few cars. They seem to have lost a lot of good talent. I think Chip Foose worked for Boyd at one time.

posted by  fc7gtx

Boyd's shop does outstanding work on customer cars. the stuff you see on TV has been edited for drama quotient, and not completely representative of the crew there (you don't even get to see most of the actual crew working on cars, and definitely not on customer cars).

Boyd's a perfectionist, but not as strict as he's portrayed. he's also a machinist by trade and actually does a lot of work himself.

Yes, Chip Foose was his designer there for a long time, and also did a lot of fabrication work.

If yuu're a paying customer of Boyd, your car is treated like royalty, and when it's done, it not only looks good, it actually works right for a long time, as is evidenced by how many top cars that he's done are still in perfect condition.

posted by  ChrisV

You know it's no wonder why Boyd is losing employees at an alarming rate.Every project is set to an impossible deadline,Dwayne is always acting like a total a-hole tv camera or not,and Boyd's wife berates & degrades employees as if Boyd was the only guy who ever built a custom car.Good workers are hard to find and even harder to keep.Boyd acted like a complete ass when Charlie left and truly disrespected him,Boyd knows it probably was coming to because you can't work people 24/7,get real!.No big deal though just as long as they keep making "their"money.Who's next to leave?

posted by  666bodydrop

You sound like you know him or bought something from him. If so would you care to tell us your personal experiance. This is interesting to me because I to watch the show and have a hard time believing that Boyd is that way in real life. There is absoultly no way he would keep any employees if that is the norm. With the kind of talent you would have to retain to build those types of cars is hard to find and in extrem demand.

posted by  kdagenais

This is kinda weird, I was just watching American Hotrod a few minutes ago. And now this thread is up :laughing: . It sucks though, I just saw Mike get fired, he was my favorite :ohcrap:

posted by  TurboLag

Haha, i like BlueBear cause he's fat, stupid AND funny :laughing:

posted by  car_crazy89

lol yeah, bluebear was cool. he looked like he was only 17. 75% of the time Boyd is a dick

posted by  TurboLag

I havent watcged the show in awhile cause they all started to become the same shows over and over again, so i got into Overhaulin' and stuff like that. Also watch the show "Pinks" on SpeedTV.

posted by  car_crazy89

yeah i like pinks.

Speaking of pinks though;
Some kid i know wants to race my probe gts (the one i dont have yet :laughing: ) for pinks. He's such a damn ricer, i hate him. He has a full body kit and a big wing and on the side it says "Greddy". All he has on the engine is an intake (just like 85% of all the other tuners in mo-town). He's pushin like 180bhp (in a '93 probe gt). Of course mine only has 164hp/160ftlbs. Maybe I'll race him for pinks after I get it and turbocharge it :fu: . I'll show his ricer ass how its done :laughing:

posted by  TurboLag

Well what is his car? lol. I bet if you won he wouldnt give up his car, he'd say he was only kidding.

posted by  car_crazy89

its a 93 probe gt, same bodystyle and engine as mine, mine just has a different trim. He probably wouldn't, plus the car isn't even in his name, in the US you can only have a car in your name when you're 18+

The guy's a total asswhipe. I really can't stand him. I'd just like to have the satisfaction of blowing his doors off :laughing: . Although, I have a long way to go until i can even get the car, nontheless mod it.

posted by  TurboLag

He had a 95 civic before, same deal. Full body kit, wing, and the only engine mod was of course an intake. He had the car for at least 6 months and never touched the engine.

GAWD i really hate ricers :banghead:

posted by  TurboLag

Haha well it would probably come down to driver error since they are the same car pretty much.

posted by  car_crazy89

well he has 180bhp (and he probably still will by the time i can afford a turbo :laughing: ). If I got a turbo i would definetly surpass 180. It would probably be in the 210-250 range depending on the turbo.

posted by  TurboLag

Oh, well in that case it could be fun, but he might run the crap out of the car by the time you even get yours lol. I wanna build a sleeper from a car you'd never expect to be fast. Complete with rust holes, primer, mis-matched colors, holes in exhaust and have missing hub caps (but have a beautiful engine bay, engine, under carriage and interior with really dark tint to hide it :laughing: Or just do my plan for a RWD sbc Civic :drool:

posted by  car_crazy89

yea boyd seems like a dick but that mike was a whinney lil bitch !! i hate cars whaa i dont wanna do that whaa thats the dumbest car i ever saw whaa i cant work im going skateboarding whaa :cussing: i would have shit canned him weeks and weeks ago what a fag!!!!

posted by  green machine

Well, from what I have heard, the yellow Mustang FB they did, went up for sale not long after the show. The couple got/was getting a divorce, and the car went with the marriage. Anyway, it turned out to be a POS as far as up close work, very shoddy. Then the fact that he's in deep do-do for Title scams. Hundreds of them. I like some of his work, but I don't think a lot of it's worth his asking price.

posted by  68 Coop

I thought he was like 16ish. Is he young or does he just look young and act like a preteen bitch.

posted by  VG30DE

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