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I have a friends who is currently restoring a Chrysler Valiant Signet, we believe that it is of a 1960's origin and know that it was imported into the UK from South Africa around 10 years ago. From what I have found google'ing it is a rare car, but any particular useful information is hard to find.
I would appreciate any information that you could give on this particular car.
The main reason for this post is that the owner needs to register this car with the DVLA and needs evidence to prove the modal year.

All feedback appreciated.


For pictures see...

posted by  jon_c

I tried looking it up in a book I have, but it appears that they used a different system to designate the exports? :screwy: The third digit should be a number to represent the year (ie - if it were a 4 it would be a 1964) I am guessing they went with the alphabet like they did in the 80's in the us making E represent a 4 (a=0 b=1 c=2 d=3 e=4) So I am assuming it is a 1964. I am not 100% positive of that though. Also the U.S. version would be a Plymouth Valient Signet. They didn't start making the convertible until 1963, in the u.s anyway.

posted by  comet-63

You might want to look through this website. They have some good information and it may be a good starting point.
Valiant Museum (

I put the VIN into the Mopar VIN decoder they have and it came out as a 1971 Dart that was for export.

But you can do some digging. If I get a chance later, maybe I will do some more looking around.

posted by  theman352001

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