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I have an old Ford and I cant figure out what the year is. I have it narrrowed down to 47-early 50s. I have to figure this out for my moms estate.
What is this number? I dont believe its a serial number but who knows.

posted by  Ryu_Hadou_Mstr

It is a 47 or 48. It isn't a 46 because the marker lights under the headlights on a 46 are rectangular, and in 49 the body was completely restyled.

Hope this helps,

posted by  comet-63

While Jay is right about the marker lights, the grille itself is a '46, with the vertical lines in the upper bar. The '47 and '48 were smooth. The '41 was completely different in the nose (though the rest of the body was the same) and there wasn't any civilian modles made from '42-45.

So either it's a '46 with the turn signal holes filled above the grille, or it's a '47-48 with a '46 grille (which is very possible due to it being disassembled).

Here's an original '47: pg

This is the '46 (and you can see your grille on it...)

posted by  ChrisV

Ok, now you've done it. :laughing: I had to dig into my archives and pull out my 17th edition hollander. It says to look on top of the left frame rail opposite the steering gear or on top of the clutch housing and you should find the serial number there. With the seerial number I should be able to look it up in the hollander and find out what year it is. :thumbs: Well, at least what year the frame or clutch housing is. :doh:

posted by  comet-63

Hard to tell from the interior, the 46 and 47 were about the same. The only difference I note is that your steering wheel matches the one in this picture of the 1946 interior....

1946 interior (

and not this one in the 1947 interior.....

1947 interior ( 0Coupe%20Interior.jpg.html)

But then again, you can easily switch a steering wheel.

Going to have to dig for that vin number. Look on the firewall, drivers side. That is where it is on my 1940 Packard. Actually, it looks like it is there on your last picture. Take a rubbing of it if you can't read it.

posted by  theman352001

According to the hollander that it where the location is for the serial number of a 40 Packard, but not for a Ford. I looked at the pic of the number that was provided and those don't match up with what the serial number would look like for the ford. Another alternative is the number on the engine block. If the engine hasn't been changed then the year can be determened by that number.

posted by  comet-63

From 1932 through 1948 vehicles, Ford Motor Company stamped the serial number into the top of the driver's side frame rail in three locations. This same number was also stamped into the top of the transmission-to-engine housing portion of the transmission. This location was visible when the floorboard and transmission cover plate were removed. Of the frame-stamped serial numbers, only the forward-most stamping was visible when looking down into the engine compartment (located between the front crossmember and the dash (firewall). The two other frame locations are visible only when the body is removed from the frame. The serial numbers were metal stamped with numbers/letters approximately 1/4" in height. The number (including the prefixes shown) was always preceded by (and followed by) a stamped "star" similar to an asterisk. It is believed that this was done to prevent someone from fraudulently adding a digit to the beginning or ending of a serial number in order to alter its identification. The "font" of the stamp had an unusual looking number "6" which looked more like an upside down "9" (the vertical stroke of the number was quite straight, not curved). on.jpg

posted by  ChrisV

Very nice frame diagram. A+ :thumbs:

posted by  comet-63

Thanks alot for your help guys. Im gonna get a friend to help me locate the Serial Number. I cant find the serial number on the top of the frame rail on drivers side where it should be located and I dont want to tear apart the interior just yet. I guess I need some rust eater. I also have an another old Ford car I was told was a Police car and am having trouble Identifiy that also because of it having characterists of multiple fords. Can anyone link me to pictures of 40s police cars? Ive googled and searched for an hour and cant find any.

posted by  Ryu_Hadou_Mstr

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