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Ok I was doing some research and found out that the standard engine for the 1968 Shelby GT500 Mustang was the 428ci, but late in the year Shelby ran out of 428s and they used a substitute engine! Well now the problem is that I was asking my guys friends about it and they are saying completely different things. Can you help me settle this one?? :banghead:

I say, from the research I did, that they substituted with non-Ford 390’s. The 428s were rated at 355hp, although they were actually closer to 400hp; the 390s only had 290hp, but visually they both looked the same!! :2cents:

My friends say that it was substituted by a 427, a Cobra 429, or a Police Interceptor 428.....

Now who is right?? I wanna know.... thanks :laughing:

posted by  TigerLeigh

I am thinking no one knows!! :doh: Anyone wanna take a guess or yall just gonna let me take BS, (and let them think they r right??) :banghead: this weekend when I see them again?? :ohcrap:

posted by  TigerLeigh

Ok, they wouldn't put non-Ford 390s in the car to start with. Pretty obvious there. In 1967, the first three Shelby GT500s left the factory with 427s. From the third GT500 in '67 to the first GT500 in '68, the GT500 got Ford 390s, which were the same block as the 427/428. the 390 was rated at 320hp @ 4800 rpm and 427lb ft @ 3200rpm. the 427 had been 425bhp @ 6000rpm and 476lb ft @ 3400rpm.

OTOH, the 427 Cobra had the side oiler 427 for most of them (and all the race cars) but the street versions got some 427s and some 428s. Regular Mustangs in '67-68 were available with the 427.

Back in the Shelby Mustangs, however, the '68 GT500s ONLY got 428s. In fact, from the registry, all Shelby's got the R-code 428 Cobra Jet engines (335hp @ 5600 rpm and 445lb ft @ 3400rpm), none got the Q code Police engines. The GT500 KR got the 428 with Ram Air. the '69-70 GT500s all got 428s, as well. (the '70s were just leftover '69s with new stripes on teh hood and new titles). In '69 the 427 was gone from teh regular Mustang, and the 428 was the big block. The 429 didn't arrive in regular Mustangs until '71. (though the BOSS 429 hemi engine was first installed in modded Mustangs in '69)

posted by  ChrisV

probly was bored or stroked, which will make it run like a 427/428. never know

posted by  351ci-mustang

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