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Hi all this is my first post....I just bought a 1962 devin vw powered all original fiberglass body and drive train. Can any one tell me about this car? email me or post

posted by  DEVIN 1

we dont need 3!

posted by  mazda6man

Does this help? Will I even get a thanks?

Don't forget to look here;

posted by  vwhobo

Wow, that looks great! It certainly makes a change from all the Speedster replicas.

I wish they sold those in the UK...

posted by  heebee

Heres a pic of the devin i bought it is in excellent shape. What is it worth? thanks for the help already!!!

posted by  DEVIN 1

The Devin VW you have would be a model D if it has a tubular frame. If it is built on a VW pan it is one of the many sized body shell they offered. The first D was built for one of Bill's sons about 1960. It was a companion turn key model to the Devin SS. Hollywood Sportscar had a Model D with a Corvair engine they ran at the drags in those days. good luck Hugh

posted by  hugh

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