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Hey, this is my first post and i registered just to post this so here it goes.

I bought a 1970 mustang for around 8k in 2001 and it was in pretty decent condition... the body was perfect, small rips on the interior, and the engine ran good. This however is not the case now.

The body has some dings and could use a new paint job, the interior isnt that big of a problem for me since I could really care less about a few little rips, Ive replaced the transmission (just a lil c4) yes its an automatic that was modded from the steering column down to a floor shifter, and the engine... well the engine is in terrible condition - well it runs and I can go places in the car - but I wouldnt go for a ride in it without taking my AAA card and my cell phone, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, I really have no prior car experience other than the tinkering ive done to the mustang thus far - I swapped out the radiator with a new one changed spark plugs - basically done some 'tune up' work on it. Im 22 with alot of time on my hands but Im in the position to either restore the car or just sell it.

If I was gonna restore the car Id probably rather get a 351 (since im sitting on a 302 with a 2 barrel carb). And that brings up some new problems all together Id think with the engine mounts and etc. I really would just like to make this car 'reliable' to the point where I would feel confident in doing a 100+ mile roundtrip to different cities in my state (see relatives n such).

I love this car with a passion but - its do or die time and any input would be highly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


posted by  NTG187

How much do you want for it? :hi:

When you restore a car you have to put your heart, soul, time, money into the thing. It takes experience with cars, not just tinkering here and there. It's a step beyond repair mechanics. It's time consuming work, and ya gotta know your stuff. :wink2: I love restoring cars. If you can get someone to help you with it, and various places to give you advice, go for it. But you'd better have a big budget.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I havnt actually sat down and decided on a price to sell at - because Im not entirely sure that I want to.

The car is stock - except for a 4 barrel holley carb thats on there now - but Im putting the 2 barrel etelbrock back on tomorrow. The engine numbers all match up and what not and it even has the factory AC pump (in working condition). Was originally an arizona car.

Anyways the car is located in west michigan right now and I really have no idea on pricing but Id imagine somewhere close to 5k? Maybe more maybe less. Crappy used grand ams in worse condition than my car sell for around 8k here so....

posted by  NTG187

If I wasn't so far away and didn't already have a resto project in my shop I'd take it right now. :ohcrap:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Restore it. looks like a solid car that will not take much. Engine swaps are common so I am sure there is a lot of info on the web about what needs to be done.

If you sell it, you will most likely regret it. It's best to hold onto the classics and fix them up.

posted by  theman352001

If you have the money than definately restore it :mrgreen:

posted by  99integra

As mentioned before restoring a car takes time and money. If you can do the work yourself it will save you some money but will take your time. Parts can add up quickly once you start so be prepared. Ask lots of questions and take your time. Listen to other advise but build it to suit your needs not someone elses.

If it seems above your head and you take it to a restoration shop, be sure to look around. Try to avoid shops that do alot of late model repairs 9 time out of 10 your car will just sit gathering dust.

And lastly remeber to have fun. Never let it turn into a chore because you will not be happy with the end result.

My :2cents:

posted by  corbett_auto

Thats a beautiful car!!! Id take it in a heart beat!!! I would definatly restore it. Just take it little by little. As for the bad is it? Just need a tune up or what?

posted by  FordFromHell351

You need to think would it be worth restoring it if you could buy a one in good condition, for round about the same as the restoration price :2cents: . restoring a car is a VERY expencive hobby, however the satisfaction of knowing what you did is endless. If you know what your doing with cars go for it. dont 4get 2 post a pic of your progres :hi:

posted by  Richymartin

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