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well i have got a 1981 corvette, that my dad gave me, and is my 1st car, he has got it so the 2 large barrels in the carborator do not open, is there any ideas yall have on getting them to come open when i gun it? im not much of a car expert, more of a computer expert, and was looking for some guidents. another thing, ive been havin problems going over railroad tracks and bumps without scraping, should i be worryed? im thinking of putting some money into this car, and restoring it, but keeping it stock. one last thing, do yall know of a site or something that has tons of info on corvettes, specificly the C3 or 1981 models?

thnx for ur time,

posted by  spartansith


posted by  351ci-mustang

first off is it a 2barrel or 4barrel carb? try getting it cleaned out. if you dont know how to do it take it to a mechanic and you scraping, your shocks or springs are probly going to need to be fixed because my car used to have the same problem with scraping.

posted by  351ci-mustang

the carborator is a 4 barrel, and it is cleaned out(not the problem) right now it is running fine on the 2 small barrels, while the 2 large barrels are not funtioning, not sure whats has been done to them to keep them from opening when i gun it, but i can push the metal flaps open with my hands no problem. anyone know what could have been done to the carborator to keep them from opening, so that i can undo it?

also on the shocks, i have had 2 pairs of air adustable shocks and am on my 1st pair of shocks that arnt air, not sure if they are hydrolic or what, but no air. the 1st pair of air shock where crunched, well the fitting that the air goes into was knocked off somehow, then the next pair of air shocks got a gash torn into the rubber around it. my current shocks havnt scraped much at all, but the drivers side is lower than the other side when mesuring from the top of the tire to the fin, it is about 2 finger whith tall, while the passenger side is 4.

thnx for yalls time,

posted by  spartansith

Well there is a good chance your dad removed the linkage to the secondaries so that they can't be used. You would have to reconnect them.

You state your good at computers? Do you know what Google is? I am sure if you put 1981 corvette in there you would find a ton of sites with a whole bunch of info. Heck, be adventurous and try putting in C3 also and you will probably get a whole bunch of more sites.

As for scraping, corvettes have always rode a bit low (ok, maybe not so much in the early years). You need to be more carefull with them when going over bumps.

You mentioned a difference in ride height from one side to the other and that doesn't sound right. Do you have the same size tires on both sides of the car? Are your shock mounts solid or rusting through? You may want to replace the shocks again or try to swap shocks from left to right to see if it is the shocks or something else.

Good luck.

posted by  theman352001

Sounds like Pops doesn't want you to get into too much trouble with that 200hp slug. It should be a vacuum secondary carb but I could be mistaken. It's possible the vacuum line could be plugged or disconnected...I don't know exactly what type of carb is on that car off the top of my head(yeah, google, I know but I'm tired and lazy). If it's a mechanical secondary carb it could just have broken or disconnected linkage to the secondaries.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Yep, from the way you worded the question, it sure sounds like your father is trying to keep you from getting into too much trouble. :)

posted by  comet-63

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