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hi...i wasn't sure if this was the right place to post, but the 5 turbo is soon-to-be a classic...and it is my very first post on this site. Anyways, i am getting quoted like between £5000 and £7000 per year for this car...this can't be right...can it?


posted by  seanhellen

firstly, no this probably isnt the right place for this......but anyway.

That much for a 5 GT Turbo? how old are you? 17? you had like 10 drink driving convictions, you live in moss side, you on a learners?

That can't be right surely! keep shopping around bud. you gotta be able to do better! :screwy:

posted by  Unlicensed

hi, yeah, I was thinking that...I am 18 and have had a full license for 4months you know where-abouts it should be (the price range)?

I live in lancashire (north) in a good area and no convictions of any sort, no claims and have taken the pass plus test.

I have heard that when you do this quote thing on the net, it can be hugely different to when you ring this true...maybe thats whats wrong?

I have been shopping round, and half the companies wont touch me because of NO NCB

Thanks for the reply

posted by  seanhellen

If you're a young driver (under 21) then companies will look at several bits of information:

1. How long you have had your license (determines experience)
2. No Claims Bonus (show claims history)
3. Vehicle Insurance Group (this is especially important for young drivers). Insurance groups range from 1 - 20. Anything over group 11 for a young driver is going to cost.

A young driver who has just passed their test is advised to start with a lower group vehicle. If the car cost you very little then look at Third Party only cover for a lower premium. No point in going fully comprehensive if your car isn't worth much. Once you have gained a years No Claims Bonus then look at higher group cars if you want. If you're car is a classic then look at specialist classic car cover. This will be cheaper but will be restrictive in terms of how you can use it and how many annual miles you do.

Hope this helps

posted by  Bluesuit

that really depends on how old your are. im guessing your under 21. i know someone whos got a 345BHP nissasan 200sx and the insurance cost for that was £7560.71 ... :doh: he is 18. just to get insurance on my mums toyota celica its £5500+ ... my advice start with a lower group car below 8. i cant talk my cars a group 10

posted by  Lukaz

yeah, i suppose you both are right...its just that I drove my mates and that was it, i wanted one, lol. any suggestions for a new first car

posted by  seanhellen

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