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I just decided on suping up my 1971 f-100, it has a 302 engine. I just bought some flowmasters a few weeks ago and I really dont know what else I should go with, I wanna make my truck hot. What do you think i should put into it? such as performance parts and everything else.... I have 1 thousand to spend.

posted by  IvanDavila

you only got 1 thousand to spend? man you wont get anything for 1 thousand. if u want to sup it up first off your going to need a lot more money. i mean u could always get cams for like 200dollars and get some pullys but anything else would be to much

posted by  351ci-mustang

well im willing to spend no more then 1,500 to make my truck badass.. i mean i dont wanna make it a dragster but you know just nice to where you can tell i've put some money into my engine

posted by  IvanDavila

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