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hi everyone,

i have a 67 mustang coupe and im needing to replace the frame and floorpans. are there any hints or tips you can give me. also what are the best sites to get tech info and parts.

posted by  farmboy


posted by  DodgeRida67

well, thats not much help but.... ok.

posted by  farmboy

come on. 26 people have looked at this already. talk about something! i dont care what. just give me something to go on.

posted by  farmboy

i have a 67 mustang coupe to any thing i need for it is on or get a magazine for mustangplus

posted by  351ci-mustang

ok thanks a lot.ill go there. so are you restoring your mustang of is it done. i just took the engine and tranny out of mine and now im waiting on frame rails. i still have to order them though.

posted by  farmboy

yes i am restoring it. i have taken out the 289 though and put in a 351c it has almost all new interior except for the seats. and in about 3-4 weeks i will have a new paintjob. i have already put in new floorpans and so on. soon it will be done

posted by  351ci-mustang

sweet. was installing the floor pans hard? i hate the idea of having to take a torch to my car to put in floor pans and frame rails.

posted by  farmboy

yeah i welded it but you dont have to. theres other ways

posted by  351ci-mustang

Like what may I ask, respectfully?

posted by  Jgranga171

I am restoring a 1967 Cougar, which is pretty much the same thing as a '67 Mustang. I am just about ready to install new floor pans and I'm not sure what to use to cut the old ones out with(plasma gun, angle cutter, oxy cut?). I have been told to watch out for the frame rails while I do this, but which technique would be the best?

posted by  cougdude67

I recently had my 71 coupe in for tranny work (rebuild). Now that it's back it won't start any more. The weirdest thing is that when you turn the key nothing happens but when you make contact with the gas pedal you engage the radio and starter! That lasted for a few trys and now nothing happens except you still get your dash board idiot lights to come on. Have checked wiring bundles and they appear ok. Changed out starter relay and no change. Followed gas pedal and cable through fire wall and don't see anything. Touching the pedal must complete a ground but wanted to know if this has ever happened to any of you? Hope you can help.

posted by  Stangfamily

Could you please start your own thread in repairs and mainteneces

posted by  99integra

There are multiple ways to repair floor rust, but as for as I'm concerned there is only one right way:

Cut out ALL the rust and weld in a patch :thumbs: .

Other options are :screwy: :

Panel adhesive
Pop rivet
Sheet metal screws

The above are easy and convenient, but are not permanent and will hurt the resale if you plan on selling it in the future. The best way to remove the rust is with an abrasive cut-off wheel. They make an adapter to attach them to a drill. If you have never done anything like this before I suggest you read lots of articles, ask friends for help, or take it to a body shop. It’s a great feeling to do it yourself, and if you go that route take your time, and ask questions as you go.

Good Luck and have fun.

posted by  corbett_auto

I would try to cut the rust and weld or rivet sheet metal to the floor. I dont know if this works since i havnt had to do it and the fact that im a noob at repairs :oops:

posted by  Speed Demon

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