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hi everyone,

does anyone know what the availability of a 66 vet convt is. are there many around? im sure it will cost an arm and a leg for even a rust bucket but that is not the point. i have my 67 mustang right now of course but when that is all done in a couple of years i plan to sell it. rather have a chevy then a ford. a old corvette convt is really my dream and if i can get my hands on one i would probably restore it to show car quality and keep it for a long time. also if you dont know much about a 66 but you know about other vet made in the 60's then that is great also.

posted by  farmboy

There are some 66 vettes on ebay motors.

$25,000 range. That might be a good place to sell of compare prices.

posted by  webspace

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