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As a ex corvette owner and the love for classic chevy muscle cars and the everybodys dream of owning a true camaro rally sport our ss super sport i think i got headaches while searching for one to buy , ive seen everything from wanta bee camaro's to clone rs and ss , Talk about your ranges in price on this popular muscle car , i found several on the enternet through a few classic and private showrooms that were true to the numbers matching but hella high in price , so heres were the confusion
comes in , I got a 2 best freinds that own camaro's ones a rs the other is a clone rs both are for sale for 12,000 i made a bid for both and god i think the war to sell was on big time for me to buy either car, Ones pretty the other is hella fast , I finally end up finding another 67 camaro sweet and striaght for the same price and yes hella fast as well as the pressure
builds for me to buy either car so i am asking the forum what would you do :?: i got 30 days to decide :rolleyes: any sugestions welcomed :thumbs:

posted by  dwayne

if i were u, i'd get the real rs from your friend. that way he can tell you want has been done to it and what is if anything is wrong with it.


posted by  cbudweiser

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