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I've been gathering parts for a project for the last 15 years. About 10 years ago, I bought the shell of a '63 Mercury Comet convertible, to build a full custom out of, based on a concept that I actually started back in '78 on my first car, a '62 Mercury Comet. But, in '99, my job moved me to baltimore from Seattle, and I couldn't bring the project with me, so it sat at my folk's house. The cost of shipping the non-running hulk to Baltimore to finish it turns out to be more than I could find a better example closer.

Well, this past week I found another one on Ebay, and this one, while rough, was complete and running. In fact, it wasn't any rougher than my Fiat was when I bought it, which means it's a better choice for the project.

There were only 13,000 of these convertibles made, and only for the second half of the '63 model year (no Comet or Falcon convertibles prior to that, and the body changed afterwards). This one has the stock 4.3 liter (260 cid) V8, a member of the 289/302/351W family.

Anyhow, now I can start working on this custom project in earnest.

Here it is now:


and here is a sketch I did back in '97 of the intended project direction:


Air ride suspension, billet wheels, '61 Falcon front sheetmetal, shaved handles, custom interior, and a modded 302 for power (originally, I had a T Bird SC supercharged V6 for it, but the 302 is a better overall choice. Built like the one in my RX7, it would be going in a car that weighs less than my RX7 did...)

posted by  ChrisV

wow, very nice.. look forward to seeing some pics when it is done :thumbs:

posted by  EzMustang

WOW.. you must be really excited.. your going to have your self a new toy! congratz and goodluck!

posted by  Ki2AY

I love that sketch. It shows me you have an amazing capability to deliver on custom vehicles. It's beautiful. Nice car and great project. Have fun. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

hey how much milage did the car have when you bought it on ebay and for how much? and once u finish the project are you going to sell it? for what price?
and if u dont mind, what car is your greatest project you have ever accomplished.

posted by  Ki2AY

amazing sketch! I love it! my hats off to you, for your awesome sketch and vision. :clap:

posted by  SuperJew

Thanks for the compliments, guys!

Anyhow, this car had over 100k miles on it. the guy owned it for 20 years... When it's done, it stays with me. This is the one I wanted to build since I was in high school, and I hope I never sell it.

A better shot of the color is attached below...

posted by  ChrisV

damn that bright yellow will look great on that car. make it very noticable to
hope you have fun fixing her up.

posted by  EzMustang

is it just me or does that paint job fades to dark yellow as u move lower? could it just be a shadow?

posted by  Ki2AY

It's actually a translucent pearl orange-ish yellow that is more yellow in bright, direct light, but shades towards orange as the light is more at an angle. That will be enhanced by adding trace amounts of tangerine pearl to it as it gets lower on the car. the base color is '93 Mazda Competition Yellow Mica, from the RX7, with House of Color Tangelo Pearl added, with Sunrise Pearl as the shader. House of Kolor candy yellow-gold is the topcoat to give it depth.

posted by  ChrisV

Thats a nice way to turn a classic car into a hotrod-like show car. The drawing looks good, and I like the idea of the air suspension, shaved handles, and flashly chrome or pollished billet wheels. The color is'nt my fancy (I don't dine on shine) ; but none the less, it works together well. Take lots of pictures ChrisV, DURING AND AFTER of the entire process! You have alot of interesting projects. I really liked the Fiat, hope this one turns out just as well.

posted by  DSMer

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