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Hey all!
I am about to buy a 72 camaro RS with the crappy 350. I am going to rebuild the engine and hopefully I can attain about 400 HP for under 2.5 grand. It would really help me out if someone would post some sites with good parts to rebuild the engine and heads to make about 10:1 compression and 7K rpm.
Thanks for the help,

posted by  Thalandor

To build a 350 to run up to 7k rpm reliably is going to cost more than 2,500...you'd probably end up spending close to that in machine work and assembly. The chevy 350 is far from crap. They're easy to make power out of and an absolutely booming aftermarket is out there for these motors. There really isn't any need to turn much over 6k rpm and still achieve your power goals. A good cam/intake/carb and exhaust combination should get you pretty damn close.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Engine: Professionally-built 327, 202 heads, forged pistons, 10-1 compression, 280 duratation 487 lift cam, Edelbrock intake, V-belt Horsepower aluminum pulleys, Holley carb., Flowmaster exhaust system, headers. Trans: 350 Auto with Hurst shifter, 12 bolt rear-end with 330 gears. Exterior: Black paint (good condition), racing wheels with locks. Interior: Black (good condition), shifter bolted down over old shifter, console cut to fit aftermarket stereo, dash cover. Extras: New ring and pinion 410 gears, Quadrajet adapter and Quadrajet carb air cleaner, smog equipment. guys is there anything i should ad to make the car any quicker.

posted by  nauz13x

How fast do you want to go.....? AND How much do you want to spend....?


posted by  corbett_auto

I have a 88 firebird but the heat and A/C dont work
The heater core is good and blower but the air will not blow

posted by  sma11b10ckchevy

and now im slowed down by the heat and A/C

posted by  sma11b10ckchevy

I would seriously suggest creating a thread in the proper section. You will get far more replies than you will here.

posted by  hondaman

first of all, to get 400 hp your going to either need a turbo or supercharger, or some other kind of power boster, second, your not going to get it for under 2.5k, maby (and this is a guess) for about 4k. :2cents:

posted by  rstifle3000

if the firebird has wing vents (which i doubt) romove the AC, if not get it fixed depending on where you live :roll:

posted by  rstifle3000

Really? The 350 should be able to be built to 400 hp with no turbos or superchargers (hell, my Ford 302 put out almost 400 hp in normally aspirated form for cheap), and I just posted the pics of a Grassroots Motorsports magazine challenge competitor who built a normally aspirated SBC to run 10s in a 4 door '70s Nova, and the entire car and engine cost under $2k.

posted by  ChrisV

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