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Any other Bricklin owners out there?

posted by  dennikro

There were only slightly more than 2800 Bricklins ever produced and only about half of those still exist today. I would say the chances of another Bricklin owner being a member of this forum is somewhere between slim and none.

posted by  vwhobo

Very true....but they do seem to show up in the most unsuspected places so it never hurts to ask.

It's also nice to have a response that isn't "what's a Bricklin? Who made that? etc etc"

posted by  dennikro

Hey guy, just bought a Bricklin and need lots of advice on how to have it restored...can do nothing myself....can u advise??


Jim Greig

posted by  jimgreig

Hey Jim congrats! It looks like my chances of finding someone else here switched from none to slim! I sent you a private message with my contact info.


posted by  dennikro

Jim? Have you stopped visiting the forum? Get in touch with me, I'd like to know more about your acquisition....

posted by  dennikro

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