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What are everyones thoughts on the all-new 1969 Camaro body in a crate? I’m a member at a few forums and this has popped up and caused heated arguments both ways. I thought I’d open the can of worms here and see the responses. If it’s new to you then check it out

posted by  corbett_auto

This is the best thing I have heard in a very long time. These cars are timeless classics.

posted by  snapper69

Lets play a game where we get a 84 MC SS body in a box :mrgreen:

I love the camaro idea though

posted by  MonteMan

I was beginning to think noone would respond. This topic filled up 10 pages on a Camaro Forum. Come on everyone let's here what you think....... :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: :sleep:

posted by  corbett_auto

While this idea is nowhere near new, it is an engenius one. Why search arround the junkyards to find the perfect Camaro body with no rust when you can simply buy one? I think its a very good Idea. The only thing I see wrong with it is whos making the bodys and are they actually Chevy approved Vin numbers? Lastly, is'nt this illegal?

posted by  DSMer

No, it's not illegal (as indicated in the article). You have to do one of two things;
- transfer the VIN information from a registered '69 Camaro to the new body


- register the whole thing as a u-built kit car of some sort. Like a reproduction Cobra.

Which way you chose will determine how much the finished car is worth, of course.
The danger areas are clear, such as people making "fake" Camaro's or passing of clones as an original SS or Z-28 or whatever. But lets face it, that's already happening with people cloning '69 Z-28's from a 307 powered car and doctoring up the VIN and making big profits. Buyer beware.
I guess while I see some of the negative reaction, I don't have a big issue with the concept. For the people that use it for legitimate purposes, it'll be great IF the quality is comparible to the original. It's not like the unibody kit is a complete car, you could buy most of the parts separately before, this just saves you welding it all together.


posted by  DPelletier

Thank you Dave, I was going to respond but you did it for me. Great answer.

The whole VIn tag issue confusses many people but trust me when I say I did my research. It is not illeagal to swap a VIN tag as part of a restoration. I list the link to the Federal code on my web site.

posted by  corbett_auto

The VIN issue is/was of great interest to me as I was looking at purchasing a 1970 Z-28 recently that came with a complete rust free donor car. The Z body was toast and I was trying to figure out the best way to restore the Z while keeping as much of the donor unibody intact as possible. Of course, the law may be different up here.
I do have a couple of questions, though; have you heard any feed back on the quality of these new bodies?
and are they available in a hardtop as well as a convertible?


posted by  DPelletier

I've yet to get much feed back on the quality of the bodies, but they just became available this week. I have heard good things about Dynacorn's quality. Also many people have seen the prototype body on display and no one has said anything bad about it.

It is currently only available in convertible, but the hard top should be just around the corner.

posted by  corbett_auto

I think it is a great idea, it makes the original camaros even more holy and raises them to the glory they should get, and alows for people with much smaller budgets to get a piece of the muscle car action

posted by  durangoman

I think its a great idea, let the Camaro live forever!

My only question is when are other cars coming out? (chargers, cudas, mustangs, challengers, trucks, the possibilities are not very limited)

anybody see Hot Rod's Camaro in a crate? :smoke:

posted by  bowtie07

Mind introducing yourself? :wink2:

I think it's sweet...not my favourite cup of joe, but it's still great :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

guess not,

from kansas, interested in stuff that creates tire smoke and such,,,,,,

Everybody's car around here have the block in incorrectly? :laughing:

posted by  bowtie07

I was talking about in the "Introduce Yourself" Section, but it's all good :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

didnt figure that out i guess, oops

posted by  bowtie07

Well I read an article in HOTROD if I remember right, that Dynacorn has plans to make a 69 hardtop,67-68 convertible and hardtops, and are having talks with Ford for reproduction mustangs. They said they currentlly have no plans in the future to reporduce any Mopar bodys. I personlly think its a great idea to make new bodys for the cars we love and all want(well most of us).

posted by  x1/9-rally

This may be an old thread but people are now posting in it again so what the hell...

If you click on the link in the first post it shows (and talks alittle about) the hardtop body. They are no out yet but should be soon, they were at the SEMA show apparently.

Personally I think this whole thing is a good idea (to a point), as it can get pretty hard (and costly) to find an original Camaro body in perfect shape. But then the problem with Clones/fakes comes up (although there already is that problem, it'll only get worse with more available parts out there). I doubt they'd ever do this with most MOPARS (as they dont make every part as a reproduction as it is) cause it'd be too costly, they'd have to start reproducing other parts that they dont already make so that it'll be easier. The one main downside (i think anyways) would be that with the availabilty of these cars/parts, the value of the real ones will also go down cause more people would rather buy a fake or build their own rather then pay alot more for a real one.

posted by  car_crazy89

Maybe....but there are the purists out there that will refuse to own a "re-body" and will pay top dollar for an original....It also has sparked the market and made a popular car even more popular...prices continue to climb daily....Seems everyone is looking to buy a project camaro these days...

posted by  corbett_auto

Thats true I guess. The purists may know more of what their looking for and whats real but I bet even they can/have gotten ripped off before. The prices for any old car are going up though lately, still not a bad idea by the people who had this idea. Camaro projects may be so popular BECAUSE of the ease it is to get the parts you need for them (and at a reasonable cost too), the same cant be said for alot of older MOPARS and things like that.

posted by  car_crazy89

i really dont like this idea what happened to the good days of fixing the rust your self. there will soon be a bunch of rich daddys boys running around in Camaro's that they had built in a shop some where. i myself am fixing up an old 1962 Nova and i have to fix all the cancer myself and i love it you get a better bond with the car than just buying all new stuff. but just my oppinion

posted by  kool352

Although my own opinion, I think having this option avaliable to the market is a positive one. As more time goes on, I think that more and more doors will become closed in the market of musclecar era replacement parts. Purchasing this body will save alot of time. Like stated previously, I love the hands on work. I would rather balance and blueprint my own engine than buy one in a crate. However today's market offers some things that just can't be ignored. Take the 572 crate motor. Given the right tuning and suspension of the car, you change the cam and the intake on this thing and you have a very serious street engine. Now in some situations, like say the project car your starting out with is just completley gone, the labor and cost of replacing all the panels yourself, not to mention the bodywork required, vs. going down the alternative road, is probably a better option for some. The car comes sealed (Dupont if I remember right), the body is already straight, (although personally I would guide coat and block sand it anyway) not to mention the seam sealer and other materials used on these bodies is far superior than what was available to GM back then. For me, time is also a factor. I've been in Iraq for almost over a year now, and when I get home, all I can think about is putting that 572 in. Yes, half the fun in doing a project is the work itself, but in some cases can just become overwhelming. And is the total cost in the end justified? I guess it boils down to everymans opinion. But if you go down this road, it's not like you inheriting someone elses mistakes. From what I've read on this so far, Dynacorn has gone thru maticulious care to ensure this bodies are a quality product. As I'm sure they will be under high scruitney from the critics. At least the crate body is just one aspect of the overhaul project. Now of we were talking about complete turn key cars (which I think is in the motions), I think that would be taking way to much away from the automotive hobby. Has anyone heard on a release date for the hardtops?

posted by  ZZ572/620

Part of the fun of owning a muscle car is finding an old body fixing it up even finding out who owned the car before every one of those car has a unique history thats something that a remake cant compare to

posted by  carfanatic21

Let me say this-all responses sound extremely educated and specific. I am 41 and have NEVER owned a new Camaro. I have owned 8 old ones. Currently a 1994 with 157k+ miles on origional engine. Yes I am nostalgic-hell Im old-I cant help but be nostalgic.

All you diehard wrenches out there imagine this
There is nothing like getting into an origional old classic Camaro. The smell is different, the feel is different, looking out the window feels different. Ladies, its an old Camaro. Its almost God Like.

With that said, the idea and concept is ok. My concern has always been the loss for the days of Muscle Cars. I am sorry to say, the commercial for the new ford mustang-"Going Back To Basic" is a joke-that mustang looks nothing like the old 68 Mustang. The new 2007 concept Camaro does not look like the old Camaro. It wont smell like it, it wont feel like it, and looking out the window will not make you feel like your in a Muscle Car. You will be in a fast, new smelling car. The box cars idea will at least get people to imagine what it was like to look out an origional-but always remember-the origional is always better

Just an old mans opinion


posted by  Papa_Joe

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