72' Cutlass, Connecting Rods?

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I'm having really big issues finding Connecting rods for this engine.

The only one's I've been able to find are $800 for the set... insane. A buddy got connecting rods, bearings, pistons, everything, for less than $300 for his 225slant6...

anybody have any pointers on where to go for these elusive things? I'm not building a hotrod, I'm rebuilding this thing to be a smoothride cruiser.

Everything in the engine is stock.

Halp ;_;

posted by  Leuthesius

Where have you looked? Where did your buddy find his? Have you tried the obvious places like NAPA, Advance & Auto Zone?

posted by  corbett_auto

Um, which engine would be in your Cutlass?

Does it matter? 225 /6 is far from any engines that went into a '72 Cutlass.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Sorry, it's an Olds 455ci V-8 7.5L w/ a 400 Turbo Automatic 4spd

posted by  Leuthesius

Look here:$40/ea. Link (http://www.kanter.com/p20-oln.html) You will need to scroll down its near the bottom of the page. This is exchange only, do you have the old ones?

posted by  corbett_auto

Yes, I do have the old ones. Unless the shop ditched' em, but I doubt it.

Wait... does that mean that Kanter only has Old parts re-furbished? Or are they new??

And THANK you. I'm gonna call em tomorrow :D

posted by  Leuthesius

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