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Could someone please..please help me? I am wanting to get this car.. yet I can find NO info on it. I think it's a 74 or 73 Pontiac Astro GT..

Pictures can be found there.. again, anything..?

posted by  Jace

What kind of info you want or need? Not sure I understand what you are asking.

posted by  corbett_auto

you are looking for the Pontiac Astre, not Astro

posted by  Flame Roller

Jace, Flamethrower is right. It IS an Astre, and they didn't change much over the years. I actually think you're looking at a '75, looking at the dash, but I certainly could be mistaken by a year.

Nasty as she is, I don't blame you for wanting to turn that into somethin' good.

Have fun.

posted by  mosquitotruck

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