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I drive a 1970 Nova SS with a 350 engine and a 4-speed transmission. Since this is a everyday driver I would like to put a 5 or possibly 6 speed transmission in, to reduce fuel consumption and RPM's at high speeds. So my question is 1) would it be a good idea to change the tranny? and 2) What kind, namely type and brand, would you guys suggest?

posted by  Dull Jack

I think it may be easier just to change the gearing in the rear end. The ratio of improvement, cost and ease of installation makes lean toward he rear end.

posted by  corbett_auto

i wouldnt fool with the rear end, unless it is to make it a better ratio for jumping off the line with. a 6 speed tranny with 2 OD gears (4th gear 1:1) and a 4.11 in the rear would be jumping off the line but you'll be fine cruising in 6th gear.

posted by  The Godfather

Well, teh stock manuals in those days weren't much to write home about, though they were strong. the shifting of the external linkage was "mystery shifting" at it's best.

I'd suggest a Borg Warner T5 or T56, or a Tremec 3550. The Borg Warners were avaialble behind the 305s so they do have the right bellhousing available, and the T56 was behind the 350s in Firebirds and Camaros, so again, you should be able to find a complete setup in a salvage yard that will bolt up. You'll need to work up a new hydraulic clutch setup, and make sure that the clutch plate and flywheel match up.

posted by  ChrisV

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