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Hey people! I would appreciate any advice on a certain subject. I am getting ahold of a firebird and the guy I'm buying it from tells me that the engine and transmission are freshly rebuilt for performance. That's all well and good, but the guy says the engine is a chevy 350 2-bolt block. I don't have a problem driving this, but I want more power out of the engine. He says it probably has about 300-325 horsepower. I want around 400-425 hp. should i get a cheap 4-bolt block and work with that , or will a 2-bolt hold up? I don't intend to do any turbocharging, supercharching, or NOS. Also, the guy tells me that this was a RECON ( they build chevy engines, sell them in Summit mags) engine. I'm just not entirely sure which way is the better way to go, because I've heard that 2-bolt main chevy 350s can't handle but so much Horsepower. Help!

Boomstik44 :(

posted by  boomstik44

You're right, a two-bolt SBC can only handle so much HP but that can also be said about a Keith Black hemi. A two-bolt will easily take 500hp unless your beating it all the time, but that will take it's toll on any engine. The reason there are so many four-bolts out there is people think it sounds cool.

As for the RECON engine all I can tell you is be careful. I've seen to many of those come apart in very expensive ways, and it normally can be traced back to improper assembly.

posted by  vwhobo

Thankyou for the advice, man. I think I'm gonna just take that recon engine ( if i end up getting the car anyway) and put it in my '88 gmc jimmy ( i won't ride it as hard there and it will be put to good use...i.e. hunting, fishing, etc.) Then I'll get a 4-bolt main 350 or 400 ( chevy of course) and have it built right with good performance parts.


posted by  boomstik44

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