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hey so i am working on a 1978 trans am and the guy before me had the decency to do the worst paint job ever with this gross nasty cream color that was once on a yellow car with tan and black gray interior. so I am wondering th best way to get the paint off the other seat back. I could try paint thinner? or with the green rough side of a sponge... but ya any suggestions would be awesome.

on the drivers side, it took me 4 hours by powerwashing to get it back to the original brown color. I am planning on painting it black, is there a certain paint I should use? any suggestions on that woyuld be awesome as well. thanks brad

posted by  kye 166

I’m not sure there is an easy way to remove the paint. Paint thinner such as lacquer may make the processes faster but it may also dry out the seat and cause it to prematurely start cracking. My suggestion would be to try to find a good set of used ones the right color. If you plan on painting the original or the new set use the paint made for upholstery, it’s specially formulated to not build up and really works well. You can find it at most parts houses or try JC Whitney (

Hope that helps! :smoke:

posted by  corbett_auto

I would also be weary of using chemicals to remove the paint off the interior pieces. No telling what they will do to the plastic.

You may consider trying those citrous based removers like Goo Gone. I would try applying the Goo Gone to the paint, letting it sit for a bit and then going after it with the pressure washer.

As for the paint, corbett_auto nailed it.

Any pics of your '78? I'll be starting up a '77 in the next year or so. What are your plans for a motor?

posted by  theman352001

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