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I have the chance to buy a white 72 cutlass S 2 door DIRT cheap. When i spotted the car on our pawned car lot it looked quite filthy. I got up closer to see it had the mildew on it like white cars tend to get, and that the body actually appears very straight. With very little rust around the rear quarter panel, very small area.

Has a 350 2b in it, and I havent' heard it run or drove it yet. Tomorrow I plan to do so before deciding whether to buy. I figure if it runs and drives and the enging isn't knockin and tranny isn't out i'll purchase it.

Would this car be worth driving/restoring over time? The price is very very cheap. The car has been sitting over a year.

Interior is actually pretty good, seats arent' torn at all. As well has fairly new rubber.

Any suggestions are welcomed, Thanks!


posted by  Jacob

:2cents: It would be more helpful to know the actual price!

posted by  The_Wheelman

under 500$, we own a pawn shop and it came in that way. which is why its so cheap(for me), so ya.

posted by  Jacob


ya thats it, just got done washing @ a car wash, i'll hand wash it later. Runs and drives GREAT engine sounds awsome, has some minor things. Brakes are there, just need some attention imo. Hood seems a lil loose, and the steering is loose as well. but all in all a nice old car imo..

what u think? keeper?

posted by  Jacob

It might possibly be, where is it located? :hi:

posted by  The_Wheelman

Yes, it's a keeper. I'd pick it up before it's gone.

And if you don't want it, I'll take it.

posted by  theman352001


Sh*t yeah thats a keeper! 500 bucks for a well kept classic? That's like, a no-brainer. I'd buy it. If you don't want it, I'd seriously fly to you and buy it. So if you sell it to me, not only would you be helping your family's business, but you'd also get to meet one of the most significant people in human history...Me.

posted by  What

Come on What, why would you have to "fly out there" if your "everywhere"? Couldn't you just materialize next to him and drive the sucker home? :laughing:

posted by  theman352001

Those are nice cars...I had a 71 cutlass S and I really liked it. Mine just rusted away. You could buy it and sell it for a big profit..Trust me....Later guys

posted by  blt2tzz

I would keep it. That car here in Florida would pull around $2000.00 as is.
Restored probably around $12,000 or so.

posted by  BodymanDave

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