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i was jus wondering how much an immaculate 1955 chevy bel air would bring in...
it has a 265, with a powerglide. it has no rust, and was completely restored to original. it is an original california car, and it is gypsy red and shoreline beige. it is also a convertible. I was thinkin it wuld bring in about 40-60 grand, but some have told me that u wuld get up to 70 grand in places like arizona, where the car can be driven year-round. It also has never been out in rain. anybody else think differently?

posted by  belair55

i dunno if it would bring in that much, but it wouldnt be cheap. depending on miles on the engine and overall condition (assuming it is good) it would be a range of about $15k - $35k. unless it is some sort of rare options it wouldnt even get any where near $70k. the demand for the bel airs just isnt that high.

posted by  The Godfather

your a damn idiot if you think that the 55 bel air isnt wanted people are looking for them like crazy . all they can find is the 210 post but no hardtop bel air and a nice well restored 55 bel air hard top would bring alot way more than 15 to 35 grand my dad has on that is worth 30 and it isnt fully restored yet so what does that tell you!!!!

posted by  jake_snake

way for your introductory post to be a ressurection of a 9 month old thread...TEGGY!!!!! come on down and fire away!

posted by  dodgerforlife

You're a damn idiot to be coming on here posting on a year old thread and not introducing yourself, not to mention flaming on the first post, real smart you ass belonker :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

You can build a shoebox from the ground up nowadays, saw it on powerblock tv. Did the whole body in glass, lightened the doors, had the engine from Hell. A MINT 2 door post 55 should bring 30, but not much more, unless the guy has more money that sense. JMHO :ticking:

posted by  68 Coop

:banghead: the original thread opener is llloooooooong gone.

posted by  dodgerforlife

yea, that 55 is a pretty rare car. you should be able to get an easy 30$$$ out of it. they are gettting pretty hard to ........heh just F'n with ya...... :laughing:

posted by  adamc44

thank god adam :orglaugh:

posted by  dodgerforlife

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