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Hey guys.
I have a 71 chevelle that is bone stock except for the wheels and tires,and I would like to make it into a nice street machine. I just don't know if I should leave it the way it is or build it. I'm not sure if it would hurt the value of the car. This car even has the stock 8track player in it. Any comments would help greatly.....Thank you..


PS. I was going to add a picture, but I'm not sure how to on this site.

posted by  blt2tzz

Tell us a little more about how the car is equipped and I'd have a better idea of how to respond. In general terms a '71 Chevelle (not an SS) is a nice classic car, but not so much of a collectable as to dissuade you from some tasteful modifications.
Assuming that the car has the base smallblock, auto tranny, bench seat, 2 door, etc., I wouldn't be afraid to perform some modifications. As with any mods, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I don't like body modifications or color changes and I prefer the (basically) stock interior. If you stick to "bolt on" mods, then reverting the car back to stock is easy and inexpensive. Some modifications that I would consider on a stock '71 Chevelle would be;

- tires and wheels ( I really like the corvette rally wheels for early chevelles)
- shocks, swaybars, bushings and brake upgrades
- changes to the engine (headers, intake, carb, cam, heads (depending on budget)
- changes to the rear end (3.55 - 3.73's with posi would be nice)
- underdash gauges to monitor your newfound power

Pre-'73 Chevelles are desireable cars and there are tons of reproduction and aftermarket parts available for them. You may also wish to consider joining a Chevelle club. Looking at other members' cars (both modified and stock) might give you a better idea of how you wish you car to look and perform and what level of modification you want.


posted by  DPelletier

Thank you for the input. I have thought alot about new suspension and brakes. I wish I knew how to put a picture on here. As far as the car goes, It's the light green. I call it pea green, but it has the green bench interior also. The interior is mint. I wanted to convert it to black with bucket and console, but it's so nice I didn't want to ruin it. I did put some nice wheels and tires on it. I went with the cragar street star. I was going to add another hood with a cowl, but haven't decided yet. The one thing I truely hate about the car is the malibu emblems on the fenders. I think they look terrible. Is there a color that would go with the green if I decided to put the SS stripes on it. Thanks again....


posted by  blt2tzz

No Problem,
That's a nice looking car you have. As with any modifications, everyones tastes are different, but if it was my car I would resist the urge to change color (either outside or in). A cowl hood would look nice and black SS stripes would accent the original color nicely, although white would also work. I don't have any ideas for you on the emblems, unfortunately.

I'm going to look at a '68 Chevelle SS 396 this weekend, wish me luck!


posted by  DPelletier

I forgot to ask, what engine/tranny/gear combo do you have?


posted by  DPelletier

Thank you Dave for the compliment on the car. It has the 307 with the powerglide tranny. I'm not sure about the gears in it. It seems kinda low while the car is in low, but when it shifts into high they seem like airplane gears. To be honest, they are probably in the 273 range. It's just a one wheel peel rear. I've only had this car for 4 months, so I haven't really did any research yet. I picked this chevelle up for 4 grand. It still had the hub caps on it. It's got 85K. Good luck on the 68.....I've always liked the 68 and 69s.

Here is a pic of the last car I did. It took me 3 years to build it. It was an 81 z28, but it had a 69 corvette 427 in it. I had about 13 grand in it.

posted by  blt2tzz

There's lots you can do to increase performance, depending on what your final goal is and how much you want to spend. Your camaro looks and sounds like a nice ride too. Some of the cars I had were;

- 70 chevelle malibu: first car, silver green with 350 4bbl and TH350 auto.
- 79 Z-28: gold, stock 350 4spd except for the removal of the cat.
- 66 Cutlass F-85: plum mist metalic with black interior, 320 hp high compression 330 jetfire 4bbl auto.
- 67 Cutlass supreme: gold, 330 4bbl auto
- 67 Impala SS 327 Hardtop: yellow with black interior
- 67 Impala SS 327 Convertible: red on red
- 70 442 W-30: Sherwood green, 455 W-30 with factory fiberglass ram air hood, hurst dual gate, 3.91 posi, etc. etc.

My brother had a '66 chevelle SS 327 and a '68 GTO with a '66 427 L-72 450hp corvette solid lifter motor. Racing the W-30 and the 427 powered GTO was lots of fun! I could chirp the tires shifting into Drive at 105mph!

Ah, the good old days!


posted by  DPelletier

Well I Must Say That Is A Nice Car But With Me Being In The Line Of Work That Im In I Think The Green Has To Go Black Would Look Sweet Or A Realy Dark Gray Metalic With A Hint Of Green But The One Thing I Can Say Is If You Leave It The Color It Is And Add Racing Striped I Would Have Them Done In Vinyl First If You Are Unsure Of Your Color But My Opinion Is That A Silver Racing Stripe Would Look Best With That Green.
Nice Car

posted by  GUS1

pretty bad ass already, only thing I would do is engine mods, theres not the hugest market out there for stock novas, well at least not as much as for a chevelle, so why not have a little fun with it if uve got the money and like to go fast.

posted by  durangoman

dude that is a really nice chevelle i wish i would hae picked up one like that but i live in the ****in rust belt in wisconsin and all i ever get for older cars are rusty POS's

posted by  talongod33

That is one sweet ride you have Chuck!!
If that were my car I would go with the cowl hood and work on the engine. If you really want to add stripes, then I would have to agree with the silver.

posted by  Fastrac

Nice car, the 71 is my favorite. I thought at first glance a cowl hood and black ss stripes, and that seems to be the mean here. I personally would ditch the white letter tires. The color is not bad and its different. I would suggest some type of crate motor, and 4 speed automatic, 373's nitrous, and have a sleeper thats still driveable. Good luck whatever you decide.

posted by  dk55belair

nice car i hope i can get mine looking good i got a 71 chevelle ss malibu with a 455 GTO judge and it needs a little work to restor to new

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