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this thread should be all about Muscle Cars so here are some images, and u can post any kinds of Muscle cars even mashed up ones or broken ones. ro_street_rod.jpg

posted by  Futtbuck

I guess no one knows what "offical" means.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I'm waiting on a definition for "Muscle Car". Are we talking Skylines?

posted by  Wally

Futtbuck is and idiot but I like the yellow car though.

posted by  GreekWarrior

Could be pertaining to of "fecal". :ticking: But that is one DAMN nice looking Z. NO, it's boottefull. :laughing:

posted by  lectroid

My personal favorite, the '69 Yenko 427 Nova. It was a COPO car that ran 10s with slicks and headers.

Here's a decent article,

posted by  Ground Rat

:lol: :lol: :lol:

posted by  Ground Rat

Why is this thing even in the muscle cars section. Go race with your rice friends. All that NOS and shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

posted by  snapper69

that yellow car (camaro) would rape any skyline ive ever seen

posted by  durangoman

F*ckbutt muscle cars make you horny dont they stupid do you wanna put your small sausage in a tall pipe or what? Mopar Rules :fu:

posted by  longsausage

You clearly haven't seen very many modified Skylines.

Seriously, why the hell do people rape perfectly good muscle cars with this oh so nasty ugly "Pro Street" shit. Makes me want to vomit, put some normal tires on those ugly ass cars and put an underhood forced induction system on it and they won't look so damned retarded.

Yenko Nova's are so rare. Those pictures actually deserve to be showed off.

posted by  Bino

Nice Yenko!!!! :thumbs: And the Hemi Dart!!!! :thumbs:

posted by  fc7gtx

i love these things

posted by  carls47807

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