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i have a 1972 buick skylark custom convertable that i need to sell; but i dont have any idea what price to sell it at. It has new brakes a new gas tank new rad hoses and thats about it. The floor needs work and it needs somebody work aswell. I have the original owners manual if that means anything... If anyone could help me wiht a price i would be very greatful thank you for your time you can contact me at hybrid_58@hotmail.com

posted by  sherman_72

Check on e-bay andlocal auto traders. You'll get a pretty good estimate if anyelse is selling their's

posted by  snapper69

And if you can't find pricing on a similar Skylark conv., pricing for a '71 - '72 Cutlass or Lemans conv. will be very close (not 442 or GTO).

Check out pricing at www.collectorcartraderonline.com


posted by  DPelletier

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