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Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew where i could get some info/specs/dimensions on either the 49 mercury coupe or the 49 chevy fleetline. if anyone has any idea where i can get this info, PLEASE let me know. i really appreciate it! thanks!


posted by  slice56

I recommend you look at...


posted by  vwhobo

I have a 49 Fleetline Deluxe 4dr. I can give you some general approximate specs on it. Mine has a 216 6, solid lifters, 1 barrel carb, 3 on the tree (powerglide was not available for another year). The engine is rated at 90 hp at 4400 rpm. It has a closed driveline. The car is 6 volt. It is supposedly the first Chevy to ever top the scales at 3000 pounds. The 49 216 is the first year that split rod bearings replaced the babbit rod bearings but the rod bearings still were not full oil pressure until 1953. 49 is the first post WW II design even though the motor was around 15 years old.

I have a new camshaft and lifter set for sell for this car (1949 Chevy 216 6). If you know anyone interested, let me know.

Scott Hansen

posted by  49fleetline

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