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i am having trouble looking up my head casting numbers
i am coming up with with 3876776
i have found one super close but unless i am mistaking
the last number for a 5 i have no clue what heads i have
the block # is 3970010 idea if their even from the same engine
to begin with

posted by  1-bad67

Is it a SB or BB? Chevy?

posted by  Ground Rat


i have a bit of an update
the casting # on the heads is3876775 which as far as i can
tell is a 60-67 327 head... it does have an acc. hole on pass side
the date code says c166??? no idea how to decode that
the block is 3970010 which works as a 350 or 327 block
the code on the front of the engine has a TBM suffix
i guess a 350 from what i read online but the years are different
so do i have a 350 block w/ 327 heads
or a 327 that i misdecoded......

posted by  1-bad67

Does this help a bit?

from this site it looks like they are truck heads

posted by  Wally

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