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Hello all,
Recently, the original window sticker and bill of sale to my father's former '61 Impala convertible have been found. I know he kicks himself regularly for selling that car, and I'd really like to find it, at least to know if it still exists. Is there any service that can locate this car through the VIN or any other info I might have? Any points in the right direction would be much appreciated.

posted by  k_way745

Not sure of all states but you can usually contact the DMV and they can run a registration history of the VIN. I believe most states will charge for this research and some will charge for each owner record they pull. It may not tell you exactly where it is but it will give you a line of people to talk to about it if you want to get it back. Good luck.

posted by  theman352001


posted by  (o) (o)

The DMV is the only way to do it. Carfax only covers vehicle from the late '70s up with a 17 digit VIN. A car that age will have the old 13 digit.

Another possibility is a Chevy collectors club / site / magazine, but i don't personally know of one.

posted by  vwhobo

I guess DMV it is, then. My dream would be to find the car sitting in someone's garage under an inch of dust. Still lightly tricked with the period goodies my dad had on it, mothballed for 25, 30 years, ready for restoration. Reality is, it's either been turned into toaster ovens by now, or wearing 13" Dayton wires and hopping with hydraulics. Not sure which I'd prefer, but it would be nice to know......

posted by  k_way745

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