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What kind of BHP do your cars have and does anyone have a clue how much ill have im running a 302 boss , with twin 4 barrel holleys and a dragstar cam? Any idea how much it is for a dyno test?

posted by  CobraAc

right now the camaro i just bought (1991 rs) it is rated at 155 bhp and 195 ft pds torqe.

posted by  talongod33

You won't get anything, but a guesstimate of engine bhp using a car dyno. You need to get it on an engine dyno for accurate figures, something that's rarley done by Joe Average FoMoCo stalwarts.

You cannot possibly think anyone is going to be able to tell you how much power your 35 year old fatigued engine has with as little information as a 302Boss 4V and some cam .

posted by  Wally

No offense, but I highly doubt you have a "Boss 302" engine simply due to the fact that they're rare as hen's teeth.....unless you are one of those rich assholes with money flowing freely from the ass. If, though, by some means you do have a true boss 302 engine, they were factory rated at 290hp at the flywheel which was a sandbagged number. A "dragster cam" doesn't give much information...that could be anything. Why the hell would you want to cam up a boss 302 anyway....from the factory they could blow right past 7,000rpm when the rev limiter was fact, they didn't reach peak power until after the rev limiter...Ford basically tried to slow them down for street car use.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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