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Does anyone have any good pictures of nice classics :?: Or any good pictures of a VW Transporter :?: If you do e-mail them to me at

I would also like pictures of shitty and crashed classic cars :!:

posted by  hakunamatata1970

None of your poll numbers are correct, or even close. Because of poor record keeping, and due to the fact that there were several built as training vehicles but were not "real" Deloreans the best and most often quoted number is "about 9200".

posted by  vwhobo

Thank you for the PM and your input. Too bad you're not man enough to do it in public or smart enough to spell DeLorean correctly. I notice you don't seem to have an actual source to supply the info, so until you show me something I'll assume you're just an expert at blowing smoke out your ass.

Below I have three sources for production figures. Notice that none of them are any higher than "about 9200", one is substantially less. Also 10,000 isn't "pretty close" to 9200, and unlike you I didn't guess, I did just a little research. I also notice you changed the numbers in your poll from 10,000 to 9200. Your comments, no matter how useless they may be will be appreciated. (click on facts then historic information)

posted by  vwhobo

Why do you insist on PMing me when it's obvious I have no desire to do so? And why didn't you supply a link to "the DaLorean website" (your spelling) that you touted earlier?

No dipshit my sources are not shit. If you had the ability to read you would see the first one of three I offered says 8,583 and that all three do in fact give production numbers. In my post I even said "none of them are any higher than "about 9200", one is substantially less". The one you offer says 8,583.

So what does that tell us? Well first is we have a total of four sources with two different answers. Second is you are the only one who was wrong because you are the only one who ever said 10,000, my numbers while perhaps inconclusive were at least backed up.

So where does this leave us. Well, I really don't give a shit about how many Deloreans were made, but I can spell it. Also that you are now a pain in my ass because I challenged your spewing of bullshit. If you have anything worth saying, please start a thread and say it. Otherwise go piss up a rope.

posted by  vwhobo

Another one bites the dust...

posted by  BavarianWheels

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