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I'm starting to sell custom engines to people. I've been working on cars for a while and have worked on quite a few engines including rebuilding, repairing, and modifying. I can build any engine size you want with any brand of parts you want. I build either naturally aspirated engines or engines with power adders (superchargers, nitrous, turbo chargers, etc.). Basically, tell me what you want built and I can do it. I do high quality, professional-level work including looking up all tolerance specifications and make sure the parts put in the engines are perfect. I use micrometers, T-gauges, and all the best tools and parts. A price list will be available upon request. If you're interested, have any questions, or want any additional information, please contact me.


posted by  Saleen43

What! You mean you don't google everything and post accordingly? I'm pleasantly shocked, but I fear you may know too much and be hounded out of the forum. :wink2:

posted by  Wally

If I were richer I'd want something instead of my 3.4... but alas I cannot afford anything like a 5.7 or anything, sorry.

posted by  Flame Roller

Hey, I am getting ready to start building my own custom project. I am looking for someone to teach me how to build a Big Block and/or Small Block. I have seen the guys on TV build them for years, and I want to get in on the fun. I know the basic components and advanced components with their applications, but I know that I am missing something, most probably small, in addition to lack of experience and technique.

posted by  Alexpaths

hey dude i am really only interested in auto-mechanics too and trust me it helps too read a shit load. First teach urself then get help. Teach urself by playing with lawn moore eniges and stuff like that then work ur way up.

posted by  Private Donkey

Yeah right. Like anyone would trust a highschool student to build them an engine over the internet. :screwy:

posted by  DodgeRida67

So where exactly do you live i have a 351 cleveland im trying to fix up and would be willing to pay you to teach me some stuff about fixing it up i have basicaly all the parts i just need help doing putting it together. any help is apreciated.

posted by  rsmotors

Hey man, I read alot and specialize in all engine mechanics from Stirlings to Atkinsons, Gasoline to Hydrogen, and even Sealevel to High-altitude, yet I don't know alot of the specifics (standard fittings, general buildup procedure, torquing, and various other things that may have eluded me). I am currently reading a chilton's manual on my dodge. I have checked google, but not alot on engine building.

posted by  Alexpaths

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