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i decided that i want hooker headers but i don't know if i should get the competition headers or the super competition headers any opinions???

posted by  jookin444

Well I suppose that all depends on if you're going to compete or super compete.

In all seriousness from reading your other post (the two could have been combined) I see no benefit in going with the Super Comp's. A 305 is a wheezer of an engine and you'll never see enough RPM to make the added expense worthwhile.

On another note unless your car has been modified I think you'll find your transmission is a TH200-R4 not a TH400. If you do have a TH400 behind a 305 get rid of it and go back to the TH200-R4 or a TH350. The TH400 while a very strong transmission uses alot of power and is extremely heavy, the 305 just doesn't have it to spare. Simply swapping to a TH350 will make you faster, probably more so than the headers.

posted by  vwhobo

If true (and I don't doubt it)...that is some great info!!

posted by  BavarianWheels

vwhobo is right, 305's basically take it in the ass, my brothers car has one and i admit he can still do pretty good brake stands but they dont have any real potential

also, if it was an 82' with a stock 305 it probably would have came with the th350

about the headers.... i'd personally find a better engine before i'd buy headers for it

posted by  81'elcamino

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