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I know of a great deal on a beautiful 67' Nova ss
Its a true SS, 3 auto , with a 350 dropped in it roughly only a year ago.
car is always winterized. Exhaust is done, air filter thats about it... car is apiece of art, its beautful.
I know the owner...I think starting price he was asking around 6,500 to 7,000
I so badly wanna turn this thing into the meanst street legal rice eater around. Theres just way too many little rice rockets drivin around my area that sound like go-karts.
Anyone know of any reasons Nova's arent worth your hard earned cash lemme know please... any major downfalls?...stuff i should be looking for...anything//
I'd love to hear any feedback

posted by  casa Nova

Let me start by saying that I am a Chevy hater. Now please give me his phone number so I can buy it. 8)

A real '67 Nova SS is a sweet car and can be really quick with very little modification due to it's light weight. The only thing you really need to look out for is rust or hidden damage, but that goes for any older car. If you like it get it now, they're only getting more expensive.

posted by  vwhobo

he's only asking 7G for it? My Saturn is almost worth that much. that's a bigtime steal right there. if only I wouldn't have bought my Saturn. :(

posted by  Satty101

He is also selling his other nova because he needs money to finish school..
But my brother had his eyes on it first.. hah lol we might be the loser brothers who both have nova's... but i could honestly care less
heres a pic of the model my bro is looking at except it is a nice deep red, dosent have a roll cage (there for pussies anyways :D ) and has full exhaust instead of just the down pipes peeking out infront of the rear wheels, other than that, visibly the car looks pretty well identical to this... Oh and if you see this car on the road at anytime flip the driver the finger and call him a prick :twisted: :D

posted by  casa Nova

souds like a great deal go for it

posted by  archangle

What sort of a first post is that meant to be?

posted by  snoopewite

especially considering the last post was about 5 and a half months ago :roll:

f*cking newbies

posted by  SuperJew

That's one point that I was thinking but at the time there was also the point that archangel hadn't started a thread in the "Introduce Yourself" forum. As for my main point about it being such a nondescript first post, I find it very strange how this newbie viewed these forums as a guest and decided that it was his/her first priority to say THAT in THIS thread once they'd joined up with all that's in these forums :screwy:

posted by  snoopewite

My second and third car that I ever had were Nova. They make great cars and have a classic muscle car look without the classic muscle car pricetag that all of us have come to know and loathe. They are easy to make into Rice-Eaters without too much hassle but have to ability to compete with even the most modified if you wanna put in the money. 7G's sounds kinda low though so make sure to check the rear window and front windshield moldings for rust and possibly the quarter panels depending on where it has lived all it's years. If it was winterized every year then I must assume it's up north where the salt on the streets will eat the tasty metals of these old cars without proper care. The only other problem I had with my novas was that nobody gave them the respect they deserved. Put a few cino's into it and show them what's up. :thumbs:

posted by  72Cutlass442

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