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My dad and I are going to restore a car or truck. Which is easier and what make, model and year should it be?

posted by  PhillyKid1217

Jesus. This is like us telling you what type of girl you should date and marry.

Why don't you guys spend some time looking at all sorts of cars. Look at shows on Speed or what have you about older cars. Go to some car shows and concourse events. Find what kind of car you like, THEN we can tell you how to go about doing it and how much it'll cost.

Seriously, a serious restoration is a huge deal, and you have to love what you're doing or it won't get done. Just like a long term relationship or marriage won't work if you get into it because some other person decided who your significant other is...

posted by  ChrisV

anything GM is the best, they have the most parts available and are everywhere, my suggestion would be a nova or malibu, so if u are experimenting u wont fell sick if u kill a true rarity. alot also depends on your budjet, it aint gonna be cheap to restore anything but maybe a Mustang II or something, and like the other guy said its gonna take a heck of a lot of time and commitment to get anything done.

posted by  durangoman

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