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Hey, I was wondering where I could find some sound samples online for different exausts on engines but specifically a 403. I'm planning on rebuilding the engine but I want a good sound and I have no idea what to get. Can anyone help?

posted by  BanditTA79

Wish I could help on the Wav files but I haven't seen any 403 muffler files. I had the stock exhaust on both my T/A 403 Olds motors and I liked the mellow sound but that was years ago and they probably make better flowing exhaust nowadays.

Here's some sound files from Dynomax:Dynomax Wav Files (http://www.dynomax.com/sounds.stm)

Chris :thumbs:

posted by  fc7gtx

Be careful how much work you put into that 403...bottom ends aren't the toughest in the world, what with the windowed blocks and all. They can handle the typical carb, intake, exhaust mods well, as long as you don't rev the living daylights out of it.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

True. 4500 rpm is about all theyll breathe to, but don't worry, you can make it very quick even with that.

I had a '78 403 T/A and two fellow club members had '79s with that engine. All of us used simple 2 1/2" dual exhaust with 3 chamber flowmasters, headers with a crossover pipe a little behind the collectors, recurved the distributor for a few more degrees of advance, and rejetted and tuned the quadrajet for a bit more response. No other changes (never even had the heads off). With the 2.43 rear end ratio and a B&M shift improver kit in the trans, the cars went from being 16.5 second quarter mile cars to high 13s. When my friend swapped to 3.55 rear end gears, the 4500 rpm redline hurt and the car actually slowed down in the quarter as it got to top speed about 3/4 of the way down the track... 3.0 gears might have worked, or even 2.73's...

posted by  ChrisV

hack out the CAT- and stick some 2 1/2" pipes attached to your stock manifolds and a pair of Flow Master mufflers - with some cool looking stingers out the back- 300 bucks at any local muffler shop


posted by  TXHP

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