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Got my 70 chevelle SS 396

Check it out

posted by  bluechevelless

nice. whats in it 350 305 what :thumbs:

posted by  mew2june92

:cool: enjoy

posted by  fc7gtx

Its an original SS 396
its actually a 402 bored .60 over so its a 414.
Its the original engine

posted by  bluechevelless

Not bad---BUT--your a long way from racing me and my SS350 for pinks...
and I'll take my old TA over a Z28 ----anyday.
hey what color you gonna paint her?
like to see pics when yer done. later dude.

posted by  TXHP

im gonna do the original color, Mist Green with black stripes with dark green interior.
Just check back to the site regularly for updates and one of these days it will be completed on there, i finished engine so i will be updating soonn

posted by  bluechevelless

Nice. Paint job sounds good. Look forward to seeing it come to. Oh, nad Congrats are in order I guess.

posted by  boothe

damn nice car's dude
both of you

posted by  Private Donkey

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