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What can you tell me about an 8½" mustang diff circa seventies/eighties? Or is he talking the 8.8?

Apparantly I have one in my Falcon XP that sorta looks like this

posted by  Wally

The 8.8 is one tough rear. If you have 28 spline axles, a factory limited slip and c-clip retainers, don't expect to get too crazy though. With 31 spline axles, a quality differential and c-clip eliminators you can safely push 500hp through it even on a transbrake. There are a number of manufacturers that make parts for the 8.8...while not as "bullet-proof" as a 9" rear, it can be built to handle extreme amounts of power(read: over 1200rwhp).

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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