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sup i was just wondering if any one could send me the stats on 351clevelands from mid 70's. im not sure what year mine is exactly am only a highschool student and not the best informed. basicaly its in my 65 ford f100 and im trying to fix it into a street truck i have replaced the stock manifold and carb with some nice new ones will get statistics on them later and i am putting in a nice new cam. i am also rewiring the entire thing so if any one has a spare wirering harness for a 65 ford f100 please let me know. im also looking for a new gear ratio for what i think is the stock axle is only a rear wheel drive and i dont have the cash realy to change it to 4wheel orto completely replace the axle its got like a 2:50 gear ratio or something shity like that in it and realy needs replacement because its a slug off the line. so far i have cut over 250pounds off the engine by replaceing the manifold and carb with some light weight 4barel ones and replacing the stock radiator with an aluminum one. oh and the stock fan with a flexlight one. it has a c6 automatic trany custom fit in to it which is nice but i need a bell houseing for it because the idiot who sold the truck to me lost it i have no clue what the heck he did but its been on the truck for 5 years and looks like it has the average wear of one that has been used for 10-15 years it was bran new when it was put on suposedly.

if any one has a spare windsheild or any body panels/doors what not please contact me at

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Hmm no help for me i guess LOL maybe is cause im not well known yet "sigh"

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