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Hi, just wanted to show you guys that the residents of Iceland have some beautiful muscle cars, as well as classic ones. I have a website dedicated to them, there you will find many pictures of them, both old, as well as new ones, the URL is it is in Icelandic but I have translated the navigation bar into english, it is as follows:

Myndaalbúm = Photoalbum
Myndir frá Ak-Inn = Pictures from Ak-Inn (car meeting every wednesdays & thursdays in the summertime)
Bílasýningar = Autoshows
Kvartmílumyndir = Pictures from the Icelandic drag strip
Bílar í "hvíld" = Cars waiting to be restored (or sadly thrown away) :banghead:
Bílar í Uppgerð = Cars that are in restoration (Icelandic owners)
Hlekkir = Links

anyway, it would be great to hear your opinions!
regards Magnus! :thumbs:

posted by  Moli

Alot of nice cars! Thanks for the link!!! :thumbs:


posted by  fc7gtx

nice link, thanks for translating the words for me :thumbs:

nice muscle right there..couldnt beat it with a stick

posted by  twoloud4urears21

Well I learned something today. Thanks Moli.

posted by  Wally

Cool site. Thanks for sharing.

posted by  theman352001

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