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i am 15 turning 16 april 1st, i would like to restore an old car i am very intrested and know pretty much nothing about cars. i would like to learn thought. what cars would u recommend i dont want a truck for some reason. i want somting just plain cool looking and sweet nothing to much fairly cheap my parents will probably help me out 3,000 dollars i want to start from a frame and get everything else. i want somthing with power like in the movies were they pull up and u can hear the power.

what kinda car do u think? show me pics :)

posted by  w00t

i know i am really newb
here is some cars i have seen that look cool just so u can get my style.
The Shelby looks awsome.. i bet its real expensive though. ( this one is cool)

stuff like that. also my uncle tim can do body work and paint and stuff. my uncle Gary knows everything and owned a shop i think i might call him tommrow and talk to him about it. i know he could help and so could my uncle tim.

they are getting older so it would be nice if i could do stuff with them fixing a car up would be one of those things. i want to keep it very original. i dont care for stripes on cars. i dont know what else to say just ask me questions and give me pics of cars and prices and what u think i should do.

posted by  w00t

get a old muscle car, like a mustang, a camaro, ratrod, what are you into? like chevy? ford? theres a whole buncha classics out there that can be mad to rumble a ricers surprised a 15 yr old wants american muscle and not some import...props to you :thumbs:

posted by  twoloud4urears21

Like was said above, its nice to see the younger folks are still interested in muscle cars. They are getting expensive to find and restore but with a little patience you should be able to find something. The nice thing about muscle cars these days is most parts are a lot easier to find then they were 25 years ago. Anybody can put a big muffler and decals on a Honda or Toyota :ohcrap: but to restore a true muscle car is the way to go. Its not for everybody due to the cost but its worth it if you can. Good Luck. :thumbs:

posted by  fc7gtx

yeah fc7 said, great to see a kid interested that sounds like he can afford it, that or he will be greatly disappointed when he finds out he can't. I know if I could afford muscle I would certainly have gone that route as I love the older vehicles of the days when making a car was something special and we didn't just glue a bunch of plastic together (ok I am exaggerating but you get my point) Congratulations w00t if you are able to get something nice. Also keep us updated I'm excited to see what ya go with.

posted by  Flame Roller

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