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I'm new at this so be nice :mrgreen: I was looking to talk, share, & learn hot rod stuff w/other people. My most recent project is a 1963 4door Dodge Dart w /a 340-727-8 3/4 . I have pics to share.Tanks for having me. Larz

posted by  634door

Welcome to the board!!!Very nice car. Judging for the engine compt. that car has everything in its place. Very clean looking motor!!!! :thumbs:

Here's another Dart forum that you might try. Its not just Big Blocks!!!


Also there are other mopar forums:



Moparts will get you everything you need as far as technical info......


posted by  fc7gtx

you have no idea dood, the dodge dart is my favorite muscle car next to a dodge charger or challenger w/ 440, my freind owns a dart with a slant 6, good luck with the car...

posted by  z4k9

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