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i would like to know what the common problems with a 98 toyota tercel are. it has the 5efe engine with an auto transmission. any maintenance (aside from the obvious... lubrication, etc) or worthwhile aftermarket upgrade suggestions would be very appericiated.
thank you

posted by  ephraim

doing a search for a site that has the history of your car. If you can find that a lot of the sites will give a run down of each generation, and then also each year so that you can see what problems may occur, some sites even have recall lists on them. One possibility would be to go to, they can give you a pretty thorough overview of the car much of the time, if you are willing to take the time to look at what they have to say. All in all what you decide is a lot of maintenance is your personal opinion, I mean I don't see anything wrong with oil changes every 2000-2500 miles and ensuring all other fluids are flushed more than the usual recommended mileages.

posted by  Flame Roller

you likely will not find any common problem with a 98 tercel (or for any toyota for that matter). it isn't like an american produced car where every single transmission goes bad (dodge caravans) or where every engine blows a front or rear oil seal (dodge neon).

posted by  carls47807

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