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Ive been thinking about doing a engine swap for my 240sx for quite some time now but i dread the thought of being like everybody else with an sr20 usually from an s13/s14. I was wondering if it would be worth looking into a RB25det or is it even possible/practical to swap a VG30DETT. Price ranges for both would be nice.


posted by  carnoob

i like the sr20det because it bolts right in, but if you want something different you can fit the rb25det (skyine gts) into the 240, but it may be best to buy the front clip as well so it can all almost fit. You will still need to make a few adujustments for proper alignment though.

if you go there they installed the rb25det into a 240, also for the motor it will cost about 2500-3000

posted by  240SXSR20DET

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