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posted by  BavarianWheels

I'm with you on the crx thing but i'm just up for the way they sound with a good sound system. I have never seen a car that like the bass like a crx. :)

posted by  muddy4x4man

i, personally, think it would be cool... please no "rice" flaming...

oh, and remember its just a drawing... and i happen to not be the best artist

posted by  mazda6man

but ill place money on the fact that i'm worse :D

posted by  SuperJew

Though it does look pretty cool.I wonder how it would look in real life.

posted by  vwmaniac

i think it would look pretty good after it were to be done, anyone have one of those rendering things that might beable to make it to see what it would look like? thad be really cool

posted by  mazda6man

did you draw that in paint?

just joking.

posted by  stringer001

You guys have waaay to much time on your hands... That is all.


posted by  spirited driver

This tidbit coming from a person with 13 posts in his first 45 minutes in the forum.

posted by  vwhobo

Damn straight it is hobo, I'm just burning time while I'm here until someone discusses something worthwhile about Japanese automobiles... :rolleyes:


posted by  spirited driver

Keep waiting...not much to say 'bout them. 8) 8)

posted by  BavarianWheels

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