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The new addition to the Evo family.

Mitsubishi have yet again excelled themselves with the Evo IX. Featuring a MIVEC engine and a revised turbo with magnesium intake housing, the arrival of the Evo IX is causing the largest amount of interest in a new Evo model yet.

Engine: 4 cylinder, turbo charged 1997cc
BHP: 300bhp @ 6,500rpm
Torque: TBA
0-60mph: 4.6secs (est)

You wouldn't think it possible to improve on the VIII MR but Mitsubishi have pulled it out of the bag once more.

* MIVEC Engine
* Magnesium Intake Housing on Turbo (RS and GT. Option on GSR)
* Improved aerodynamics
* Carbon fibre spoiler with gurney lip
* Greater choice - RS, GT and GSR models available
* Projection fog lights
* Leather Interior as standard (GSR)
* Aluminium pedals (RS and GT)

The following are factory fit optional extras

* Magnesium turbo for GSR
* Sunroof
* BBS Wheels
* Rear Window Privacy Glass
* Steel Roof (instead of standard aluminium)
* Cold Climate Pack
* Spare Wheel (not issued as standard for weight saving)
* Six Speakers for ICE

posted by  speeder

sweet :smoke:
what is the basic price range?

posted by  Private Donkey

Just wonder if an STi can keep up, I bet it can. Looks pretty sweet! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

That is'nt very impressive. You'd think that Mitsubishi would want to overcome the STi's 300HP rather than match it. None the less it is an improvement to the Evo that would give those annoying Subaru boys less to brag about than 39 horses.... Hell who knows the newer STi may have 300+HP...

I allready hate the fact that they seperated the Evo in to a RS and VIII trim. If they were going to make a super MR version thats fine but why the RS anv VIII? If they wanted to make trims they should incorperate the OZ Rally version with AWD system and 4G63T motor so people who can't exactly afford a $28,987 Evo could buy a lesser performance/priced $18,000-$23,000 OZ as consumers do could with the WRX and WRX STi.

Seriosuly the Evo RS is a joke. How can you seriously expect someone to spend $28K on a car with no power windows or a cd player? What is wrong with Mitsubishi; are they REALLY that cheap?

posted by  DSMer

i like how its not even original (body wise) evo7 font, evo8 back... hmmm, mitsubishis slackin

posted by  mazda6man

I like the unoriginality of it. I like the body the way it is now. No need to make changes to a good thing. I read in motor trend that the Evo IX is the last edition before the "all new" Evo X to be released in 07. I hope they dont make any drastic body changes.

posted by  vicious

sadly, it does look quite a bit different, for the worse...

posted by  mirot

God.....must.... gouge out... eyes!

The pain of seeing companies destroy beautiful cars and replacing them with what looks like a kangoroos nutsack with yellow/blue paint and a spoiler on it, outwieghs the pain of being blind for life.

posted by  Zalight

OMG those are hideous!

posted by  vicious

Are they really doing that? :screwy:

posted by  ToCkS

I'm reminded of the story beauty and the beast.

The Beauty.

The Beast.

How could they do this. I'm sure all Evo lovers won't love that. What were they thinking? :cussing:

posted by  speeder

a skyline could easily beat an evo :laughing: :thumbs:

posted by  gtr_man

Woah slow down there GT-R boy.... I would'nt say "beat". Because thats simply not true.

posted by  DSMer

What does anything about a Skyline have to do with an Evo? :screwy:

posted by  StiMan

This guy! Outta left field with the random comments.

And Id have to disagree what if it was a GT-S? HUH?

posted by  Zalight

They actually pre-sold all 400 Evo RS's last year here in the states. A lot of SCCA guys bought them up (they take out all that crap anyways). I dont disagree though they should make an AWD turbo model in the $20k-$24k range. Something to compete directly against the SRT-4 but best it in nearly every dimension. Something with around 240-250hp and the same torque but still be able to handle nearly like a full blown Evolution. That car alone I believe would save Mitsubishi, although would compete directly against the new 2006 V6 Eclipse and best it performance wise.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Well, here we are talking about the 3 versions of the evo we have in the US. What about the UK, don't they have like, 46 million different versions? OkOK so maybe its more like 5 but still.

Anyway, I know they have the RS, the FQ-260(our normal evo), FQ-300,FQ-320,and the FQ-400...

posted by  Zalight

ROFL. The RS is not meant to be a luxury car. It is a race car. I wish they would make more cars with versions that get rid of all the unneccesary junk like power windows and locks and stereo's. Ill save that stuff for my m5.

posted by  DTMBaller

The Dodge Viper is a sports car, it has power windows. Corvettes are sports cars and they have power windows as well. So does almost every other form of elite sportscars from Ferraris to Porsches. The Mitsubishi Evolution, although you may beleive it, is not a "race car". More of a sports car/performance sedan. Being inspired from a race car(s) does'nt make the Evo a race car itself. I don't think you grasp that simple concept. The Monte Carlo is inspired from NASCAR racers but that does'nt justify you running the Daytona 500 with it.

Afterall if it were really a "race car" all the neccesary "junk" like passenger seats, interior upholstry, carpeting, speakers, heat and air conditioning, cd player or AM/FM radio would'nt be a part of the car now would it? :screwy:

posted by  DSMer

The Evo ms is a different type of sports car. When i say race car, that is because it is the closest thing from the factory to a race car. Like the 2000 Mustang Cobra R. It came with now power windows or locks, the back seat was removed, no stereo, no ac. this car is over 60k dollars. Its a car that people buy and finish stripping so that they can race it, or they keep it as a collectors item or just a very near race street car. Many sports cars have power options because they have to sell them and some fat lazy american isnt gonna pay 100+ thousand for a car with out leather and power everything and a nice stereo. Thus all these un neccesary luxuries are put on as a sales technique. And the reason the evo ms doesnt have a fixed back seat and doesnt have all the stuff taken out is because they leave it still as a productoin street car. If it were in fact full race it wouldnt have any of that. but then a fraction of the people would buy it.

posted by  DTMBaller

Its not a race car.... period. Its a sports car. Race cars are cars that are driven in competition on race tracks. The keyword there is race. Of course no one would pay $100,000 for a chassis and an engine. You could buy a Mustang strip it yourself and put in a 459 or whatever a bigblock ford would be in it for less than that.

The thing is that the RS is $29,985 MSRP and the VIII is $32,985. Seriously whos going to save "that" much money buying a $30,000 car from a $32,000. Maybe if they took out enough stuff to make the car 5-8K less... but a mere 2+ grand? Its a start, but the RS is'nt meant to be more racey, its just a cheap way for Mitsubishi to sell an Evo for under 30K...

posted by  DSMer

You are not understanding what I mean. When I say race car I am using it as a label. No car is a race car if you dont race it. And any car can be a race car. And people do pay that much for chassis and engines. They use them to race. Which is why the evo rs is not that way. Mitsubishi was smart and didnt limit it to a race only car. and they were not made to be a cheap evo for people who couldnt afford a regular one. Because like you said the price is to close. They were made to be a race car. You buy it, strip the interior and put in your seat of choice amongst a few other things and you dont have to worry about taking out the ac and stereo and what not. Cause its already done.

posted by  DTMBaller

Right.... sounds nice. :sleep:

posted by  DSMer

I Am Selling My Jdm Rhd Evo 8 Gsr...........hmmmm

posted by  Rockn-A-T88

You know that matching the STi's 300HP in a Evo IX means that it is going to own it since it pretty much does...all comparo's that I see between the Evo and STi always say it's close and you really should drive both...but the edge always slightly goes to the that the MR is going to be the basis for the's all over unless Subaru steps up their game

posted by  NISSANSPDR

My R32 GTR ran a 13.0 stock and my 03 JDM evo 8 gsr ran a 12.8 stock

posted by  Rockn-A-T88

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